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Potley Hill Primary School conforms to the Hampshire County Council guidelines with regards to absence during term time.


Penalty notices may be issued once 10 or more sessions have been reached over 100 sessions (50 days).


Information for parents/carers:

There is much research that shows a strong correlation between high attendance and high attainment for all children. A recent publication from the Department for Education publication indicated that even missing a short amount of time from school can reduce every pupil’s chance of securing the grades they are capable of achieving.


Headteachers must continue to comply with the 2013 amendment to the Education (Pupil Registration) (England) (2006) Regulations 2013 which means that they cannot authorise a leave of absence from school unless it is exceptional.


Parents/carers must comply with Section 444 of the Education Act 1996 that states that

“(1) If a child of compulsory school age who is a registered pupil at a school fails to attend regularly at the school, his parent is guilty of an offence.”

“(1A) If in the circumstances mentioned in subsection (1) the parent knows that his child is failing to attend regularly at the school and fails without reasonable justification to cause him to do so, he is guilty of an offence.”

Parents and carers can fail to comply with section 444 of the Education Act if their child has unauthorised absences, even if those unauthorised absences are for a family holiday.


All Local Authorities and their Headteachers must continue to follow the law on attendance and implement the government’s guidance around attendance. This remains the legal expectation for all education authorities, and supports children in attending their statutory entitlement of 190 days per year.


It is of vital importance that all of us – the local authority, families, schools and children – do all we can to ensure children achieve the highest levels of attendance.

175 Non-School Days a Year

175 days to spend on family time, visits, holidays, shopping, household jobs and other appointments.


School days in each year

6 days


10 days


15 days absence

19 days of

absence (almost 4 school weeks)

38 days of absence



Days of

education v 181 non-school days


Days of

education v 185 non-school days

175 Days of education v 190 non-school days


Days of

education v 194 non-school days

152 Days of education v 213 non-school days








Best chance of success.

Gets your child off to a flying



Less chance of success.


Makes it harder to make


Children are categorised as ‘Persistent Absentees’ by DFE when below 90%

Serious Concern

Not fair on your child. May result in fines and court action.


Potley Hill Attendance policy

Potley Hill Attendance Leaflet

NHS Advice on Illness